In-ground Pool Renovation in Portland, OR

If your pool or spa is in need of some updating or renewal of certain parts or in its entirety, then we have what it takes to bring back that elegance, beauty, and sparkle like its first summer day in the sunshine! Maybe you want to add a spa to your pool, or a pool to your spa! Schedule an in-ground pool renovation in Portland, OR, with Neptune Swimming Pools to make it happen!

Whether it’s fresh new tile, new coping, plaster, plaster polish, or other fresh new finishes to the pool or spa, we have your solution.

Maybe it’s your equipment, auto cover, grab rail ladders, diving board, or other pool accessories that need replacement or repair.

Your water’s color has lost its luster and just can’t seem to be brought back into prominence or pool debris never goes away. There are new sanitizers, automated chemical feeders, control systems, computerized pumps, filter clean outs, efficient heaters and heat pumps, pool cleaners.

There are an array of pool accessory possibilities such as fountains, colored lights, and colored fountain water feature lighting programs and shows. Including any of these as part of your pool renovation will add a modern and eye-catching aesthetic to your backyard.

How about a swim jet for swimming in place in limited space or a water treadmill? These water aerobics machines are excellent for providing an outlet for exercise, stress relief, and gentle therapy for recovering after an injury.

Neptune Swimming Pools has over 60 years of experience in the pool and spa industry, and we are a trusted name when it comes to in-ground pool renovations in Portland, OR. Whatever you need or want for an aged or lackluster pool to bring in some energy and vitality, or to bring back its original beauty and charm, we have many ideas for an in-ground pool renovation to make it happen!