Custom In-Ground Pool Construction in Portland, OR

Neptune Pools provides high quality custom in-ground pool construction in Portland, OR, to enhance the quality and aesthetic of your home. Our swimming pool and spa installations are made from the highest quality materials and heightened with our punctual, dependable service.

Swimming pools and spas can provide an enjoyable outlet to live more. They encourage the gathering of family members and friends to share in the delight of swimming without the disturbances of other people like you would find in a public facility. Your house will be the talk of the town among your friends, family, and kids’ friends when you are able to host birthday parties, Fourth of July parties, and other social gatherings right in your backyard.

In-ground pools stay warmer longer due to the insulative nature of their construction. This feature will help reduce the utility costs of heating your pool while it is open. Having an in-ground pool can also increase the appraisal value of your home, especially if you live in an area that is predominantly warm, should you attempt to sell it later on in life.

Our pools our completely custom Gunite pools and spas which is made of quality, durable concrete. Your pool can include all kinds of special features, including Infinity Edge pools, slides, waterfalls, and water streamers. With all new pools, we also encourage customers to take advantage of our maintenance services for a lifetime of enjoyment.

In our 60+ years of in-ground pool construction, we have built every pool that was and is on the market. Over the years, we’ve come to rely on Gunite concrete pools, because of their durable, high quality concrete. Gunite is a mix between Shotcrete and rebar, which is often used for other demanding projects such as tunnels, sidewalks, and skyscrapers.

With each pool we build, we employ the newest construction equipment and engineering techniques, while never letting our master craftsmanship standards slip. Contact us for a quote on your next in-ground pool construction project in Portland, OR, today.