Automatic Pool Covers in Portland, OR

We are proud to offer the best powered automatic pool covers in the industry. We have been at this for a long time here in the Northwest. We have learned the hard way over many years with hands-on field experience what works and what doesn’t for this hearty climate and land of tree limbs, boughs, leaves, needles, dust, and dirt. Spend less time cleaning and maintaining and more time enjoying and bonding with those closest to you. It’s a long hard winter, so protect your pool against the debris and harsh weather by investing in an automatic pool cover in Portland, OR.

In the summertime, it’s the perfect combination of safety, convenience, and chemical energy maintenance efficiencies. This cover has become a standard feature for most of our new clients and repeat clientele. It doesn’t make sense in too many ways to ignore or leave out of your total dream pool package.

Here is what automatic pool covers give you:

Safety — These covers have a hearty track system along with a strong cover material that always holds fast if a person or pet falls or walks on the cover.

Efficient — Cover helps keep in heat, keep out dirt and bugs, and holds water chemistry balance in check so it is always safe to swim.

Convenient — With the push of a button, you open or close your cover in an instant. “It’s so convenient that you’ll actually use it!”

Attractive — At Neptune, we offer our own attractive custom lid supports at the cover end of your pool that extend out to completely hide the leading edge when open plus provides very useable and attractive coping choices.

Don’t miss out! Contact us today to learn more about how automatic pool covers in Portland, OR, can enhance your pool-owning experience.

pool overlooking lake