Top Quality Neptune Pools in Portland, OR

Neptune Swimming Pool Co. designs and builds top quality swimming pools and spas in all settings for residential families and commercial clients. You may choose ongoing maintenance and service for your pool or spa from Neptune as well. We are swimming pool contractors and a full service pool company. We build and maintain pools and spas, as well as doing repairs, renovations and remodels. We also provide parts, equipment, and safety covers.

We’ve been doing this for over 50 years. We are one of Oregon’s most trusted sources for high quality swimming pool design, installation, and maintenance.

Key Benefit #1

Our motto all these years is “We Care Enough to Build It Better!” and we take that to heart. That ideal encompasses listening to you and creating the perfect pool project for your family’s wants and needs.

In construction, it means living up to our project agreements for our completion timetable, budget, communication during construction, and overall customer satisfaction.

Top quality equipment, engineering, construction materials, and standards all properly sized and installed ensure a final combination of true beauty and design, reliability, and longevity, along with excellent water quality and ease of use and maintenance.

Key Benefit #2

Neptune Swimming Pool Co. was established in the Portland Metro area in 1959. We are one of the oldest pool contractors in the local area. Take advantage of our complete knowledge of how to build pools and spas in our local terrain and sub terrain variations, extreme weather conditions, varied permit departments, code requirements, and so on.

We also pride ourselves in our customer relations, product reliability, and company reputation. Our record at the Better Business Bureau, Oregon Builders Board, Dunn and Bradstreet, etc. are second to none. To be in business locally all these years with the record we have at any of the accountability reporting agencies truly speaks for itself. We all brag in our websites, including us, so check us out. The more you look into our record, the better we look, without having to say a word.

Our Company

Neptune Swimming Pool Co. builds swimming pools and spas for families and commercial applications. But what we really do is create your own private resort for family fun, relaxation, lounging, reading, night moods with low key lighting and water reflecting on the house and trees, exercise, parties, romance, your kids and their friends’ hangout, barbecues, beauty, sun bathing, and on and on. There is such versatility all in your own backyard, and all with this one project.

We don’t know of any other large ticket summer recreation item that’s so versatile for every member of the family, every day of the summer. The RV, the boat, the vacation, and even the beach house is not there at your fingertips every single day and night of the summer to enjoy for half an hour or all weekend. It can be used by one family member or everyone in the family and all their friends at the same time. Once you’ve had a pool in your backyard for a summer, you’ll never feel right again without one. Don’t miss out one more summer. Give us a call today!

Our Services

  • Automatic powered safety covers
  • Indoor pools and spas
  • Outdoor pools and spas
  • Infinity edges on pools and spas
  • Auto covers on infinity edges
  • Raised spas with waterfalls on the outside
  • Slides and diving boards
  • Beach entries
  • 6″ to 15″ deep shallow areas
  • Concrete steps and benches
  • All kinds of sanitizers
  • Automatic pool cleaners: built in the floor or free moving vacuums on hoses
  • Special tile and plaster finishes
  • Mosaics: fish, turtles, crabs, logos, emblems, etc.
  • Water current type swim treadmills
  • Water fills
  • Time clocks and computer aided auto set control systems
  • Colored lighting and lighted water streams and fountains
  • Stone coping
  • All manners of pool decking and patios