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Neptune installed our in-ground pool in 2011. Theirs was the only bid to give me an exact dollar amount based on what we wanted… 2 other contractors were vague. So I went with Neptune and couldn’t be happier. Everything was done on schedule and on budget. As of this summer, not one issue with the pool or equipment, except for the automatic pool cover which has glitched a couple of times. Phone calls have always been answered promptly and my questions answered helpfully. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

—  Joanna B.

I am so thankful that a friend (and builder) referred us to Neptune. I have a horror story from the mess that another local pool company left me with. The refused to warranty their work. So I was left with a failing pool and not sure who to trust. My pool was a hot mess, decking, tile, hot tub, & pool surface all needed to be rehabbed. Chad stepped in with honest answers. Really they were not the answers I wanted to hear. But he was forthright and the reality was my problem was much larger than I expected. My only regret was not finding them first. We filled the pool yesterday. We could not be any happier with the finished product. I highly recommend Neptune. If you don’t select Neptune, do your homework. I wish had had.

—  Alicia D.

I’ve seen several of the pools Neptune has done, and they’re all beautiful. These guys are hands down the best in the industry, and when the time comes for my next pool, there’s no other company To use. Great work guys, keep up the hard work and the attention to detail!

— Scooterswapshop

Great company to work for. They build the best pools. I used to live at a house in Tualatin 10years ago and that was the best part about the house. Great place.

— Elias B.

Beautiful swimming pools and spas. If you are looking for an elite and professional swimming pool installation, go to Neptune Swimming Pool Co. . . . The best there is!

— Michael 3/1/11

The best! This pool company is the best in Portland! The crew is professional and do an excellent job. They are very helpful and answered any question we had. I recommend them to anyone thinking of putting in a pool.

— Pat W 10/2/07

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